Let’s create a space for you!

I enjoy getting to know my clients and creating spaces that reflect their personality and promote well-being.

Kijrstjn Anne

At Kijrstjn Anne Design, I believe that your residency should be more than a simple four white walls and a cover. A home should invoke curiosity and imagination, it should be a place where the anxieties of the world subside.

I will design spaces that allow freedom for you to be at your best.


Design Services

Guidance Session

One Room Design Session

Want to freshen up a room? Maybe all you need is a fresh coat of paint, re-staging your existing furnishings or adding new furniture and decor.

In this two-part session, I can help transform your chosen room into what you are envisioning.

Part one (60 minutes): I will come to your house or video conference with you to get a scope of the project including your budget, your functional needs of the space, your vision, etc.

Part two: I will provide you with my plan for your space. This may include furniture layout, recommended new furniture, décor, window treatments, lighting, etc.

Let’s first start with a free 30-minute call or video conference to discuss your project needs.


New Construction or Remodel

Whether you are remodeling or embarking on new construction, I can assist with the design of each space. This in-depth service would include working with you, your contractor and architect in all phases of construction, including:

· Floor plan design

· Conceptual design for the project

· Electrical and lighting plans

· Fixture and furniture decisions

· Overall furniture placement and décor

I am excited to hear about your project! Contact me to discuss.

Meet and Greet

Meet & Greet

Not sure what you need yet? I’d love to meet you and hear more about your project and goals. Together, we can decide what the next best steps are and how we might be able to work together!

The 5th Wall

In home design, walls within a room are a blank canvas. After considering the form and function of the room, an idea board or color board is created marrying colors, textures, and composition throughout. The flooring can hold properties of its own. Walls can be...

BOOKSHELVES: More than Meets the Eye

Each day, we add bits and pieces to our life story. Some planned and hoped, some not. Our home is our place of solitude where this story is considered, and often shared. But where is it shown? Everywhere, actually. Every aspect of our home reflects ourselves and...

Repurposing and thinking “GREEN”

What is a wood accent wall? A wood accent wall is what you may guess – a wall comprised of wood. It adds great warmth, texture, and character to any setting. For my client in Chelan, Washington, I used a wood accent wall in her bedroom to gain a rustic and warm...

10% to Charity

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“Kijrstjn's natural ability of color coordination all flowed together easily giving our walls the WOW factor that was much needed.”

Theresa N.

“Kijrstjn did a fabulous job redecorating our three bedrooms. She's a great listener and working with her is a pleasure.”


“Kijrstjn kept my tight budget in mind and used a lot of my own furnishings and artwork. She made it all fit together beautifully.”

Paula H.

Kijrstjn Anne Design