In home design, walls within a room are a blank canvas. After considering the form and function of the room, an idea board or color board is created marrying colors, textures, and composition throughout. The flooring can hold properties of its own. Walls can be painted, trimmed with chair rails and can showcase art and beautiful wallpaper made from paper, silk and even natural fibers like sisal.

But what about the ceiling? Most often the ceiling is painted white and left alone, deprived of artistic attention. Decorating the ceiling like any other space can really “finish” the overall design of the room. 

Make your ceiling unique

Gone are the days of flat, monochromatic ceilings. The mundane slab that hovers over our heads! The plain surface that only acts to protect us from the elements…

Why not give your fifth wall some flare, depth and personality? In the process of creating the masterpiece that is your home, why stop the creativity at eye level? To begin, identify the architectural design of the ceiling. Is it an average height of 8’ and finished with a builder’s white? Is it a tray ceiling, a coffered or a pitched ceiling? Does it hold any unique architectural properties to work with? Each ceiling is unique so we must look at them individually, as no single strategy will prove effective for all.

We then have a few options when considering our ceilings, each of which add something fresh and personal to the setting.

They may always be painted with a pop of color like the photo above.

Photo: Wayne Moore Photography; Wallpaper Installation: Mike Holcombe; Interior Design: Kijrstjn Anne Design; Written by Jason Lowry