What is a wood accent wall?

A wood accent wall is what you may guess – a wall comprised of wood. It adds great
warmth, texture, and character to any setting. For my client in Chelan, Washington, I
used a wood accent wall in her bedroom to gain a rustic and warm aesthetic. For this
specific room, I used the beautiful view from the sliding glass doors for inspiration. The
view from this bedroom was of surrounding pine covered mountains and a serene
glacial lake. Bringing the outdoors in, we set out to find lumber to fit the surroundings.

Where did you find such beautiful and unique wood?

I’m very proud of this specific piece as my team and I learned from a local lumber yard
that a retired water tower was being torn down and the lumber was in good enough
condition to repurpose. We knew it was perfect for this bedroom.
The wonderful thing about this piece was during the years the wood covered the water
tower, it was secured in place by iron clamps. When the wood was taken down from the
tower, it left ‘scars’ from where the iron clamps resided. This gave the interior wall even
more depth and individuality which fortified a peaceful aesthetic in the room. A bonus
was that we had enough leftover lumber to also install the wood behind the toilet in the
master bath tying the two rooms together. Set atop a mountainside with 180-degree
views of nature, this bedroom is now an extension of the beautiful outdoors.

Is it realistic for me to find unique wood for my home?

Absolutely! In the modern era, repurposing and recycling materials has become the new
trend, and hopefully a trend that stays! Before you order new supplies, take a stroll
through a local lumber yard, antique store, or salvage site. Many times, tear-down sites
would be more than willing to let you take some materials off their hands for pennies on
the dollar. Or it could also just be a way to find inspiration for your project; just make
sure to consult with your professional interior designer before making the haul back
home! Here’s a tip: a wall of refurbished wood will have the most impact if your designer
works with your finish carpenter in hand picking each piece and making an overall plan
of design on the floor before installing anything on the wall.

Photo: Elijah Larson Photography; Installation: Timeframe Construction; Designer: Kijrstjn Anne Design; Written by Jason Lowry