Each day, we add bits and pieces to our life story. Some planned and hoped, some not. Our home is our place of solitude where this story is considered, and often shared. But where is it shown?

Everywhere, actually. Every aspect of our home reflects ourselves and likeness in some way. And for our greatest moments of learning, our accomplishments and those we love most, we display with pride: trophies, photos, impactful works of art, because these are the elements that we feel have built our story.

A bookshelf is a perfect place to show these elements! A bookshelf can neatly hold and compartmentalize all our great relics, while also being efficient with space (that’s the real kicker). They are simple to add to a room and can be personalized to reflect you. They can be painted, wallpapered or any number of things to customize to you and your space.

Don’t just get any old bookshelf, though. Remember, each aspect of your home reflects you and your story, especially the place you use to showcase it. So make sure you take the time to select the perfect piece. Consider each detail: color, texture, material, as each adds to its unique personality, and that of the whole room as well.

For example, perhaps it contains all your old photo albums, travel books and souvenirs. Maybe we make it out of teak wood – a tree indigenous to Thailand, your favorite place to travel. This natural and warm aesthetic could then pair beautifully with bright green plants, bold pottery standing among treasures from your trip.

Alternatively, say you’re a philosophy wiz. You fill your space to the brims with pages of stoicism and existentialism. This flex of the intellect shouldn’t be met with just any old mundane structure. Perhaps it’s made of metal or consists of asymmetrical or unconventional shelving – whatever you feel best represents you!

One theme you may find with our own philosophy here at Kijrstjn Anne Design is that your home is a piece of art – a canvas from which you can interpret the outside world in comfort. Every detail must be given attention by an artist’s eye, which we all have to some degree. It is also so much more than a mere space of storage, “a bookshelf is as particular to its owner as are his or her clothes; a personality is stamped on a library just as a shoe is shaped by the foot.”

–          Alan Bennett

Written by Jason Lowry